Pre-enrollment Announcement

2023 “Belt and Road” Climate Finance Training Program



Climate Department, Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China


Tsinghua University


29 October 2023 (check in) –
11 November 2023 (check out)




The training program targets government officials, experts, and technical personnel from developing countries of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) that have friendly diplomatic relations with China, as well as those countries that share similar positions or have common cooperative needs in the fields of climate change, environment, and meteorology. The program is mainly aimed at countries in Latin America, Africa, the least developed countries, and small island nations.

Number of trainees


Requirements for trainees


50 years old


Be in good health, demonstrated by a health certificate or medical examination form issued by a local public hospital. No diseases prohibited by Chinese laws and regulations, no serious hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other serious chronic diseases, no mental diseases or infectious diseases that may cause significant harm to public health, non-major postoperative recovery period and acute onset period, non-physical severe disability, non-pregnancy.

Language competence

Good English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills


While in China, you should not participate in activities not related to the training; you should follow the schedule of training strictly and get the permission before you make a change yourself. You will bear the consequences due to violation of the regulations by yourself. Chinese government will not bear the cost of your spouse or relatives in China.

Main venue


Weather in Beijing

4-21℃; large temperature difference between day and night

City for a visit

Wuxi, Jiangsu

Weather in Wuxi



The organizer bears the cost. See Annex I for further details.


Submit Application Form (Annex II), passport information page to contact emails

Deadline: 11 September 2023


a. Submit Letter of Recommendation, Health Clearance to contact emails

  Deadline: 21 September 2023

b. Submit Chinese visa to contact emails

  Deadline: 19 October 2023


Contact persons

Ms. He Yuanyuan, Ms. Zhou Lingling

Office tel.



0086-13511082558 (Ms. He), 0086-13810091902 (Ms. Zhou)


Introduction of Tsinghua University (co-organizer)

  • Brief introduction

Located in Beijing, China, Tsinghua University is one of the most prestigious and influential universities in the country. Established in 1911, Tsinghua is known for its strong emphasis on science, engineering, and technology, but it also offers a wide range of programs in other fields, including humanities, social sciences, management, and arts.

  • Training programs of South-South Cooperation on Climate Change 

2019 “Belt and Road” Climate Finance Training Program;

2019 Low-Carbon Technology and Industrial Development Training Program;

2018 Renewable Energy Technology and Development Strategies for Response to Climate Change Training Program, China-Latin America Youth Scientists Exchange Program, Developing Countries Financial Leaders Training Program etc;

2017 Energy Saving and Low Carbon Industrial Development Training Program.

Introduction to the training program

  • Brief introduction

Strategies, policies, measures, actions, and achievements of the Chinese government in addressing climate change; introduction to China's national conditions, history, and culture.

  • Five modules

a. "Strategies and Policies for Climate Change Response in China" module: Global climate change governance process and key issues, construction and exploration of China's dual carbon control system and carbon emission trading market, China's policies and strategic considerations for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

b. "International Technology Transfer" module: Development and international cooperation cases of energy internet and smart grid, China's policies and international cooperation cases in the new energy vehicle industry, policies, and international cooperation cases in the biodiesel industry.

c. "Carbon Pricing Mechanism" module: Progress in voluntary emission reduction trading, carbon footprint accounting and response, green financing opportunities and challenges in the Belt and Road Initiative and South-South cooperation.

d. "Domestic Actions" module: Experience sharing of carbon market pilot in Beijing, climate change policies in Jiangsu Province, hydrogen utilization projects.

e. "International Experience" Singapore's 2030 Green Development Plan: Singapore's approaches to net-zero and sustainable development, nature-based solutions and carbon market integrity, Singapore's climate change policies and carbon pricing strategy.

  • Expected achievements

To enable participants to understand the relevant practices of global climate investment and financing, comprehend the strategies, policies, measures, and actions taken by the Chinese government to address climate change, enhance the management capabilities and technical expertise of developing countries in the field of climate finance, and promote international exchanges and cooperation between China and relevant developing countries. This, in turn, will facilitate exchanges and collaboration between China and relevant developing countries in areas such as climate investment and financing policies, and promote mutual understanding, support, and sustainable development.



Annex I

Cost Explication

Costs related to this training is explicated as follows:

The organizer bears the following costs: 

  • Cost of training (courses and on-site investigation, etc.)
  • International air tickets (the city you stay to and from Beijing, except charge for overweight)
  • Accommodation during the program period (except room service fee)
  • Insurance during the program period
  • Pocket money (80 yuan per day per person, from the day of starting ceremony to that of closing ceremony; from the day you arrive if you arrive later than the day of starting ceremony)
  • Meals during the program period
  • Transfer fee (in accordance with relevant standards of the Chinese government)

You will bear the following costs:

  • Visa fee
  • Transport fee within your country
  • Fees of medical treatment for chronic diseases, cosmetology, massage and oral health care while in China
  • Transport fee due to activities excluded in arrangements of the organizer
  • Ticket rebooking related fees due to your personal reason



Annex II 

Application Form

Submit for pre-enrollment. 11 September 2023



Family name

Given name



Date of birth

Passport No.

Expiration date

Religion (if you have)

Diet taboo

Highest academic degree

Research interests

Current job


Employer and its introduction

Education background (college level and higher)

Work experience

Have you participated in other training programs organized by China Ministry of Environment and Ecology?

  • Yes              □ No 

(If yes, please provide the name and time of the program)

Name:                                Time:                  

Which foreign countries have you ever been to?

Emergency contact person in your country

Contact person in China (if you have)